About Me.

My name is Olayinka S. Omole. I’m an Engineer from Lagos with interest in Software Development, Design, Electronics Engineering, and Artificial Intelligence. You can check some things I’ve worked on here.

I currently work at Goldman Sachs, and previously worked at the largest online hotel booking agency in Nigeria. In my spare time, I work as a Freelance Developer read Richelle Mead books and learn stuff. More specifically, I work with Web technologies like PHP (Laravel), Javascript (AngularJS), HTML5 and CSS. I also do a lil’ bit of embedded programming.

I try to work on interesting side projects as often as I can. Also recently picked up writing as a tasking hobby.

Take a look at my résumé or follow me on Twitter.

I’ve appeared in some press here and there for some things I’ve worked on. You can see some here: